In the Fall of 2016 two protesters, Greg Jackson and Antuan Smith banned together during the unfortunate Charlotte riots in pursuit of justice and founded the Charlotte Community Coalition. Although Antuan and Greg valiantly pursued justice what they inevitably discovered was passion, purpose, and destined placement in serving the communities of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Through much support, mentors, and partners the Charlotte Community Coalition found it's niche and honed into advancing communities, impacting youth and partnering law enforcement, city officials, and civic services to advance the communities of Charlotte. This new found calling centered around one goal and that was to heal the heartbeat of Charlotte, it's communities, and the future of the city, the youth.

Youth United Rally
June 16 2020

Over 200 youth gathered in Marshall Park on June 6 for the Youth United Rally organized in response to the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Albery, and Breonna Taylor. Lead by Youth Rally Charlotte organizer activist Mike Slaughter, the rally centered its focus around the importance of empowering the youth in its fight against systematic racism and social injustice, while offering tangible ways to make a change in their community.

Youth programs, mentors, life coaches, and educators were also in attendance to show their support.

Heal Charlotte Founder and Executive Director, Greg Jackson, was featured as a guest speaker at the rally. Jackson believes that the voices and efforts of the next generation are crucial to ending centuries of oppression.

``We wanted to give the youth a voice,`` Jackson said.

``We wanted to give `{`the youth`}` a platform to speak and let them understand that there's a way of doing things, and what we need them to do right now is learn how to organize and make sure that they're unified so that by the time they're our age, they've got a plan together...``.

To conclude the Youth United Rally, participants knelt in silence for eight minutes and 45 seconds-- the amount of time that Derek Chauvin held his knee on George Floyd's neck as he begged for breath.

``Sitting in complete silence for those eight minutes forced me, and I'm sure everyone else, to realize just how long George Floyd couldn't breathe,`` said rally attendee, Miles Caraballo.

``It's time that my generation step up to the plate and pick up where the last one left off. Except this time, we need to come ten times harder.``

Heal Charlotte looks forward to continuing to uplift the youth's voice and organize in the fight against social unrest and injustice against Black lives.

Special thanks to facilitators Generation Genesis, First Baptist Charlotte, Heal Charlotte, Family of Faith, and QC Family Tree.

From this, what was previously known as the Charlotte Community Coalition, eventually became the award-winning Heal Charlotte; one of Charlotte's youngest and most inspirational community empowerment and youth advocacy non-profit organizations.


We are an organization here to serve the community, to build trust and a legitimate bond between the community, its laborers, and officials.

We are here to serve and create an open dialogue between the citizens, police and elected officials of our community.


Heal Charlotte along with so many incredible organizations, community non-profits, leaders and more gathered together to celebrate the work and revived relationships one-year later since the Charlotte city riots.


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