we’re asking for your support as we embark on our most ambitious project to date. Today, with your help, we’re launching a $10 million capital campaign to transform a neglected motel into an affordable housing campus on Reagan Drive. We believe this is our chance to tackle the systemic inequities perpetuated by the city’s affordable housing crisis. By acquiring and managing our own property, we’ll be able to centralize and expand our operation in order to serve a larger population. In addition to housing, the future Heal Charlotte campus will provide residents with food, ongoing mentorship and case managers to assist in transitioning out of the facility. We can’t do this without you, and every little bit counts. If you believe in the work you’ve already supported and can help us take Heal Charlotte to the next level, please click below to make a donation in any amount to our motel project. 
  • RECLAIM: Heal Charlotte is embarking on a $10M capital campaign to reclaim Reagan Drive in the name of the community. The campaign has two parts real estate acquisition/ development and operational support.
  • REVISE: Heal Charlotte is expanding its commitment to community revival by acquiring and redeveloping an area motel for $5M. We will convert the existing rooms into 1- & 2-bedroom transitional living apartments. The Heal Charlotte Campus will become a permanent safe space for our families to fellowship and act as a safe haven for those most vulnerable in our community. We will convert the 137-room motel into a transitional living facility. The rooms will be updated and modernized a be able to accommodate families in need of 1-2 bedrooms. The rent for our units will be on average $500. The campus will feature a community café, event space, and entrepreneurial co-working offices.
  • REALIZE: We have seen the impact our programs have had on families and the community. We have reduced crime by 15%, prevented evictions, distributed more than 25,000 meals, and sent students to college. $5M will mean long term stability and infrastructural support for the organization.

The Property 

  • The property is currently in operation and we will be able to operate approximately units immediately. Making this a true turnkey opportunity.
  • We are currently raising $5M to acquire the property and complete renovations of the property.
  • We have earmarked up to $2.5M to acquire the property (the most recent sale price was $1.35M). We will complete this project with a mixture of debt and equity. “If everyone does a little no one has to do a lot” For more information contact: Greg Jackson- Dr. Shante Williams-
  Financials :