• RECLAIM: Heal Charlotte is embarking on a $10M capital campaign to reclaim Reagan Drive in the name of the community. The campaign has two parts real estate acquisition/ development and operational support.
  • REVISE: Heal Charlotte is expanding its commitment to community revival by acquiring and redeveloping an area motel for $5M. We will convert the existing rooms into 1- & 2-bedroom transitional living apartments. The Heal Charlotte Campus will become a permanent safe space for our families to fellowship and act as a safe haven for those most vulnerable in our community. We will convert the 137-room motel into a transitional living facility. The rooms will be updated and modernized a be able to accommodate families in need of 1-2 bedrooms. The rent for our units will be on average $500. The campus will feature a community café, event space, and entrepreneurial co-working offices.
  • REALIZE: We have seen the impact our programs have had on families and the community. We have reduced crime by 15%, prevented evictions, distributed more than 25,000 meals, and sent students to college. $5M will mean long term stability and infrastructural support for the organization.

The Property 

  • The property is currently in operation and we will be able to operate approximately units immediately. Making this a true turnkey opportunity.
  • We are currently raising $5M to acquire the property and complete renovations of the property.
  • We have earmarked up to $2.5M to acquire the property (the most recent sale price was $1.35M). We will complete this project with a mixture of debt and equity. “If everyone does a little no one has to do a lot” For more information contact: Greg Jackson- Dr. Shante Williams-
    Financials :