Stop The Violence - June 26th 2021

Big Red & Greg - June 26th 2021



Dear fellow community partners, In the year of 2020, there were 120 homicide events in Charlotte, North Carolina, leaving family members, loved ones, and our communities heartbroken and in need of urgent action. A disproportionate number of homicide victims and perpetrators were Black males between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

The homicide rate in Charlotte last year was twice the rate from 2018, a significant spike in violence that has not been seen here since 1993. The trauma that many of our communities have experienced due to these devastating events has sparked the need for change and healing. In response to this trauma, Heal Charlotte will work diligently to create community change through participatory and trauma-informed approaches that promote community and youth engagement, leadership development, improved governance, and capacity building all centered around the topic of gun violence prevention.

This year Heal Charlotte is committed to bringing together community members and stakeholders to change the paradigm, and advocate for peace and prosperity. In order to make this happen, we will bring together a number of stakeholders from the community that have an invested interest in reducing crime and violence to put on a city-wide violence prevention event, which we are calling the STV (Stop the Violence) Day. The mission of STV Day is to set a strong tone for the year 2021 that violence is not the desired culture in our city. We will do this by providing resources and support to the community to reduce the incidence of gun violence in Charlotte, NC. The vision for the event is a summit which will take place on June 26th at Spirit Square.

This summit will combine elements of arts, culture, entertainment, and education to bring awareness to the issues and provide solutions for change. The art and training showcased throughout the STV Day will begin grassroots conversations among community members and advocates that will carry the mission of the Summit into the rest of the year and beyond. We will partner with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, faith-based organizations, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte Mecklenburg Health Department, Moms Demand Action, BYE, the District Attorney’s office, government officials, and other grass root organizations committed to uplifting the mission of our event. `

The commitment of our community stakeholders and leaders is imperative to make this event a success.

Thank you, The Heal Charlotte Team